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Intermediate Range

GODET BTP        

        WITH BOLTED TEETHS                                   WITH BOLTED COUNTER PLATE


Intermediate Range (A Series) 

Equipment designed and built to fit to small carrier, small telescopic and small agricultural carriers.

G4x1.A/A2 deeper than model compact C. 


  • Load / Unload 
  • Grab
  • Open and move backward to scrap or spread
  • Open and move forward to push or back fill 
Can possibly serve as gripper


Superior and lower parts are reinforced with sheet thickness 8 mm, side plates and intermediate parts are also in thickness 8 mm.
Equiped with toe plate 150x20mm and bolted counter plate or bolted teeths on internal mobile part . The joints of cylinder have a diameter of 60 mm. The opening beetween the both is 940mm.

Available from 1,50m to 2,20m for capacities from 500L to 1 100 L
For model A2 : Width from 1,90m to 2, 10m (deeper and side plates more rounded).


  • Reversible bolted counter plate 150x20 or welded two parts teeths.
  • Hitch for wheel excavators.







4 in 1 Bucket C (G4x1.C)

4 in 1 Bucket R (G4x1.r)

For small load, telescopic and agricultural load from 60 to 80 CV