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FarmHelper 3 points                               

With central towing system,                              With towing bolt and finger option

and toming system K80 ball                                                                                        






This apron consists of a bolted hook (FlatLink) and a 3-point hook, it can fit on all machines (Telescopic and Loaders) and allows the recovery of any equipment with a hook 3 points. The 3-point catch is adjustable in width to fit the dimensions of different agricultural equipment.
It has a storage spigot for 3-point linkage hinges and is equipped with a suitable device for maneuvering trailers.
It is an indispensable tool that is a real bridge between the handling equipment and agricultural tractors.


  • FlatLink system hook for any brand


  • Towing system for all trailers equipped with a ring, with bolt, offset to facilitate the maneuvering of the trailer. (Removable option, replacing the original piton). (Option 1)

  • Towing system with K80 ball for big trailer. (Option 2)

  • 2 electro-forged straight fingers diam.35 lg.1100 for bale picking. (option 3)

  • Support 4 straight fingers electroformed Ø35 lg.1100 for bundling, folding system. (option 4)


For more details

download the sheet in pdf


Option 1
Option 2  Option 3 Option 4
FARMHELPER doigts rabattable